Fri, Sep/23 TBA
Women's Tennis
at Southwestern
Sat, Sep/24 TBA
Women's Tennis
at Southwestern
Fri, Oct/28 TBA
Women's Tennis
vs. Evangel
Sat, Oct/29 TBA
Women's Tennis
vs. Evangel
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Numerous Top Two Finishes Highlights Valor Women's Tennis at KCAC Individual Championships

Numerous Top Two Finishes Highlights Valor Women's Tennis at KCAC Individual Championships

WINFIELD, Kan. – The Evangel women's tennis team took part in the KCAC Fall Individuals Championships on Friday and Saturday, looking to grab wins before the spring season kicks off.

The Valor Women's team made large strides in the Individual Championships and performed exceptionally well, recording several top three finishes. All athletes that made it to the finals had to win a minimum of two consecutive matches to make the finals and several Valor athletes accomplished this feat this weekend.

Evangel's Rachel Chaney, Lola Federski, and Bethany Overturf all placed in the top 2 in their respective individual divisions out of 12 teams. Maddeline Peters and Faith Taylor placed second in their division of doubles, while Abigail Chaney and Rachel Chaney placed fourth in their division. Maddeline Peters placed fourth in her individual division while Alexia Phipps brought home two victories in individual play.

Doubles Results

Abigail Chaney/Rachel Chaney (EU) def. T. Stewart/B. Yutzy (TC), 8-1

C. Sanchez/K. Ortiz (MC) def. Abigail Chaney/Rachel Chaney (EU), 8-3

THIRD PLACE MATCH: C. Coe/M. Ochoa (SWC) def. Abigail Chaney/Rachel Chaney (EU), 8-4

Lola Federski/Carly McAtee (EU) def. J. Schultz/A. Ratts (Friends), 8-2

K. Maples/V.Hofer (MC) def. Lola Federski/Carly McAtee (EU), 8-1

Maddeline Peters/Faith Taylor (EU) def. C. Osterhout/C. Andrews (Friends), 8-3

Maddeline Peters/Faith Taylor (EU) def. K. McGrown/B. Butler (KWU), 8-1

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: N. Payton/J. Mahoney (Bethel) def. Maddeline Peters/Faith Taylor (EU), 8-4

Singles Results

Rachel Chaney (EU) def. B. Kuhn (Sterling), 8-3

Rachel Chaney (EU) def. V. Hofer (MC), 8-2

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: D. Herrera (Bethel) def. Rachel Chaney (EU), 6-1, 6-1

Lola Federski (EU) def. S. Brunk (TC), 8-2

Lola Federski (EU) def. H. Krehbiel (Bethel), 8-6

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: J. Hauska (SWC) def. Lola Federski (EU), 6-1, 6-1

Maddeline Peters (EU) def. A. Swartz (Sterling), 8-4

E. Hartnett (SWC) def. Maddeline Peters (EU), 8-1

THIRD PLACE MATCH: K. Maples (MC) def. Maddeline Peters (EU), 8-3

Bethany Overturf (EU) def. V. Oshakuade (Friends), 8-4

Bethany Overturf (EU) def. P. Mitchell (SWC), 8-4

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: P. Huerta (Bethel) def. Bethany Overturf (EU), 6-1, 6-4

Alexia Phipps (EU) def. McGrown, 8-1

Alexia Phipps (EU) def. Ratts (Friends), 8-0

G. Roberts (SWC) def. Alexia Phipps (EU), 8-1

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